What do most older women know that I don’t?

Women everywhere think that if you are married and lonely, life is over.

Do you think that is just plain wrong?

You feel beautiful, Look beautiful and are beautiful. So why can’t you have more of what you want out of life?

The answer of course Yes, you can!

You may own your own business be successful. Now you want something else. You’re married and lonely but you’re not dead. Being married isn’t a curse, in fact it’s an attraction for a lot of younger men.

It’s time to see a new world open for you.

There are many changes occurring in America right now and one of the most exciting is now Older women are breaking out of the shell and stereotypes and are now dating younger men.

Ivana, Taylor Swift or Madonna no one bats an eye if they go out on the town with a younger beau.

So why not you?

There are surveys out there that say Almost 300,000 women want to date younger men. The question is “what are the rules” and how not to get burned in the process.

Check out a few tips to discovery a new world of dating and possibilities and happiness that are out there for you. Married and lonely women everywhere are breaking out of their shell and taking charge of their lives.

Tip #1 Get fit, which means take care of you. That does not mean you have to look like Angela Jolie. Get simple, start with enough sleep. That alone can make you look more radiant and your eyes and skin shine. Eat healthy, cut back on smoking and a little exercise goes a long way.

Tip #2 If you are trying Internet dating? Dress to accent your best features. Younger men look first. So present an enticing package. Clothing and subtle makeup that brings out what makes you stand out. Have some nice pictures taken and have them uploaded to the website you have joined. Don’t dress sleezy you don’t need the kind of men who go for the glitze. Your profile should lay it out. Don’t be shy! Let them know what your wants are as well as your expectations. This saves you weeding out the chafe from the roses.

Tip #3 To meet younger men, social functions and parties are an exciting way to meet people. Again dress your best. You can be Flirty and Bold depending on your mood. Sexy and classy can be done at the same time. Don’t forget about sexy texting to really turn these guys on.

Demur wallflowers don’t cut it.

Make a statement with your clothing and look. Don’t be shy, you are intelligent and beautiful. Read up on what’s going on in the world; ask questions about the topics that are being talked about.

The quickest way to get a man’s attention is to ask him about himself, and he will tell you. Listening is art that is worth cultivating.

Stay out of bars. That’s not you. A upscale restaurant or pub that has a bar is much better. The bartender there can be your point-person and can give you the up and up about the regulars. It pays to enlist his/her aid. Remember you sometimes need to strike up the conversation. Even today, men are reluctant to start chatting with a lovely woman.

Tip #4 Keep it simple when starting a conversation. A simple nod of the head in agreement to a comment can get a man to focus on you. Body language is over 50% of communication. Ask leading questions that let him show off a bit. Men are often tongue tied around beauty, but talking about their hobbies or jobs, well…. then you have an insight to their souls.

Finally if you are a busy person the internet may be the best way to go. Sites like: www.Olderwomendating.com,www.cougared.com,www.dateacougar.com,www.cougarlove.com,www.agemeet.com are good places to see what the dating scene is like. Browse through it look at some profiles get some hints on the style of writing for a profile, and how the pictures are made up, check makeup, clothing, and accessories.

These are just a few tips that can make your entry into the world of dating younger men fun and rewarding. Younger men like older woman precisely because they are successful, sexy, and worldlier.

They can pay their own bills too. Enjoy not being married and lonely anymore!



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